Farm 2 Home is an organization where farmers can sell their products directly to people’s houses. It has been about 8 months since we started. October 8th was our 60th delivery for Dharapuram. We have a WhatsApp group, an App, and a Website where we will have a list of available products and take orders from our customers. Right now we are a team of 10 farmers.

First, we will take the orders, so if the delivery is on Friday the list will be sent to the group on Wednesday at 6 pm and the group will be locked on Thursday at 6 pm. Customers have 24 hours to order their needed products. Next, we farmers will have a call or send some messages to each other on who will bring which product for the delivery after 6 pm. Sometimes two farmers will have the same products, in that case, either we will split the order into two like if the order is 10 kg of tomatoes and two farmers have it, each of them can bring 5 kg, or the two farmers will communicate by themselves, like, one will have less and the other bring some more, or one will give for this delivery and the other will give for the next delivery. Next, the farmers will get a list with the amount of 1 kg, 1/2 kg and 1/4 kg packs asked and so on. According to the list, each farmer will pack their allotted items in a paper bag or an aluminum bag according to the product and the ordered amount. They will bring them to the P.Natarajan petrol bunk near the Dharapuram bus stand. First, what we were doing is farmers will just bring the products in a box without packing them separately.

This made things hard in the last step. The last step is the step where we keep everything that our customers asked for, in each crate and deliver the crates to people who asked for home delivery and keep crates that are for people who asked for pick up. So when we bring the products without packing them separately, we have to weigh everything in the petrol bunk and that will take much more time, that’s why we farmers are packing it in our own farms. We are also doing this because if we take items such as tomatoes and just dump them in the crate they might get smushed by other products like pumpkins or coconuts.

This is not mainly taken as a business, we are doing this to create awareness in Dharapuram, and we have also extended it to Kangayam and Tiruppur.

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