We had planted white eggplant a few months ago and at that time I had collected those eggplant seeds. I wanted to share with you how I did it and my experience while doing it.

So if you had seen white eggplant you would know that when they ripen they turn yellow, this is when you should pluck the eggplants. Now when we have our eggplant ready we should take a bowl of water and cut the eggplant into pieces. We should kind of massage the pieces while in the water and the seeds will start coming separately from the pieces. Don’t feel disappointed because it is really not practical to get each and every seed from the pieces. With a sieve drain all the water out so that we are left with only the seeds. Now we can dry the seeds on a plate without direct sunlight. We should then save the seeds in a container of ash. Now I still have the seeds I collected and I wanted to test the power of ash, so I saved half of the seeds without ash and half with ash. The seeds which were in the ash were in good condition while the ones without were in a was in a condition that was not really comparable with the seeds saved in the ash. Collect seeds and save them for another day!