Today we have planted peanuts just beside our green gram field. We have already planted and harvested peanuts many times, but this time we did something different, we treated the seeds. Treating the seeds is a very important way to fertilize and help remove any fungal and/or bacterial diseases to increase the germination rate. We first dumped all the peanuts on a tarpaulin, then used 1/2 liter of Rhizobium and 1 liter of Phosphobacteria that we multiplied. Legumes need a lot of nitrogen which is why we should add nitrogen fixing bacteria and in this case we used Rhizobium. Rhizobium is mostly used for legumes. The bacteria sticks onto the roots and maintains a sybiotic relationship with the plant.

After mixing the two with a few liters of starch water from rice we used neem leaves to dip and sprinkle the mixture on the peanuts. The starch water is to make the bio fertilizers stick on the seeds. We sprinkled it this morning and sowed the seeds with the help of a machine. This machine is a tractor attachment. We don’t have it so we rented one. I am looking forward to getting a different and surprising yield!!