We just made leaf extract! It took one whole day to make it, it was exhausting. We used many leaves to make this extract. We first took 3 – 5 kilograms of each of the needed leaves, Then we cleared the big stems and only used the leaves. Lastly, we took three 50-liter barrels and split each type of leaf into three equal parts, and dumped each portion into one drum. We repeated this for all the leaves so that the leaves which we are dumping are layer by layer. We didn’t only use leaves, we also used flowers and vegetables.

We used:

  • Drumstick leaf for iron
  • Flowers for molybdenum
  • Gliricidia for nitrogen
  • Okra for iodine
  • Calotrpis for boron
  • Lantana for silica
  • Indian mallow for calcium
  • True indigo for copper
  • Jatropha
  • Eggplant for Mn Mg
  • Indian Nettle
  • Custard apple tree leaves
  • tulsi, neem, aloe vera, and Chaste tree for resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Other than this we should have added tamarind or White Gulmohar for zinc and Sesame or Mustard for Sulphur, but we didn’t. For some of the above items, there are some substitutes like Drumstick leaves – Curry leaves or greens, True indigo – hibiscus or Centella Asiatica, and Lantana – whistling pine or bamboo.

The ratio is 5 kg of all the above leaves, 250g jaggery, 300 ml EM, and 10 liters of water. This will take 7 – 10 days to get ready, we can keep this for up to 90 days. In spray, we can use 5 – 10%, and in Irrigation, we can use 10 – 20 liters per acre. For us, it is already ready and we are using it. Just by seeing it, it looks so rich in nutrients!!!!


A special thank you to Sundararaman Ayya