We have started to make the archaebacterial solution which is called தொல்லுயிர் கரைசல் in Tamil. So far we have made about 4 batches of this solution. This archaebacteria is anaerobic and is in cow dung. Anaerobic bacteria should not be in touch with outside air in order to live, so to make this solution we need to use an airtight drum. To make this we need cow dung, jaggery, mustard powder, and licorice powder.

To make this we first should mix 5kg of cow dung with the required water in a bucket. Then if we want we can first pour this into the drum, then mix the other ingredients to make it easier or we can just mix the other ingredients with the cow dung, and then we can pour the mixture fully. The other ingredients are jaggery 750g, mustard powder 50g, and licorice powder 1/2 spoon. If we have an airtight drum that has a big mouth, we can do the steps directly in the drum, but if the mouth is small we cannot let our hand inside the drum to mix the mixture, so we cannot do it directly. Lastly, after everything is inside the drum we have to pour water until it is full, then pour water in a small mug or something it is ok if some overflows but, no air should remain in the drum.

This Solution will take 10 days to get ready. In the process, methane gas will be produced, and if it cannot go outside of the drum it may explode. To avoid this, on the second day of the process, we should slightly open the drum so that the outside air cannot come into the drum, but the gas produced inside the drum can go outside. The licorice powder and mustard powder are to make the cow dung lose so that the bacteria can eat it fastly. The question is how would you use the bacteria without it dying? Actually you dont need to – when the bacteria come in contact with air they will die, and these dead bacteria will turn into food for bacteria that is already in the soil. When the bacteria were alive for that ten days, it would have excreted the things it ate, and that will be food for the tree!

A special thank you to Sundararaman Ayya