Last week we have given neem cake powder to our guava plants!! Neem Cake Powder is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and calcium. We also had some old Vermicompost, so we added that to the mixture too. We mixed Metarhizium, Basillis Subtillis, Pseudomonas, Buveria Bassiana, and Trichoderma Viridi. We left the mixture for about 10 days hoping the bacteria and fungus would multiply, and it had, we could clearly see that there is fungus on the top. For one plant we poured about 1/8th of a bucket. We used a vermicompost bed made out of bricks to mix and make this.

We bought about 2.5 tons of neem seeds. We dried the seeds in our solar dryer and ground the seeds by ourselves with a machine.