Just this week, we have started the automation to multiply good bacteria that are essential to our soil. We buy a good sum of bacteria every month to feed to our trees and plants. As our plants and trees grew, we started analyzing the cost for these. Looking at the monthly cost, we realized it’s probably time to optimize the cost without sacrificing the needs of the soil. With one liter of purchase, how about multiplying it by 100 times? Wouldn’t that be possible?

Research showed us that it is not possible to continuously take the same bacteria that we just multiplied, because it is hard to manage and it might not be that effective because in labs they set appropriate temperatures and appropriate conditions that are not obtainable by ourselves.

We set a 200-liter barrel and pour only 100 liters of water because it is the first try. Next, we mixed 5 kg of jaggery, and we one liter of the bacteria culture into the barrel. We also set up an aerating pump, as people have for their fish tanks, we use this to mix and oxygenate the water for the aerobic bacteria.

We still didn’t get the results yet because the process will take 5 to 10 days. After 5 days we will send it to the lab where we are buying bacteria from then another sample on the 7th day and then the tenth day. The lab will test it and send its results.

So far we have started to multiply Azospirillum and Rhizobium (for nitrogen), Bacillus Megatherium [Phosphobacteria] (for phosphorus), Bacillus Subtilis, Effective Microorganisms (EM) and Panchagavya for nutrients, K solubilizer for potassium, and pseudomonas to defeat harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

This not only helps us in saving money but also enables us to learn and experience new things and gives us the joy and happiness of reproducing our own bacteria…